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 A aldehyde Check Measurement

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A aldehyde can by A alcohol in silver、 copper Wait gold Genus Urge Chemical under Take off hydrogen or oxygen Chemical system Got,偷拍妓女丑态 and also can From hydrocarbon class Of oxygen Chemical Production Object in Minute Out。 can Make for phenol aldehyde tree fat、脲 aldehyde tree fat、 dimension Lun、 Wu Luo Support Product、 season E four alcohol、 ran material、 Farm medicine with Eliminate poison Agent Wait Of original material。 another outer it yes no color Of gas body, but Correct people eye、 nose Have thorn Excited Make use。

A aldehyde Genus use way wide pan-、 Health Production work art simple single、 original material for should Charge foot Of Big Zong Chemical work Production Product, yes A alcohol under tour Production Product tree in Of the Lord dry, world boundary year Production the amount in2500 Ten thousand Ton left right,30% left right Of A alcohol All use Come Health Production A aldehyde。 but A aldehyde yes One Species concentrated degree More low Of water Dissolve liquid, From through Ji angle degree test consider Do not Will to long distance from Transport lose, Place Take One General All in the Lord Eliminate fee city field Attached near Assume plant, Enter Out mouth trade easy and also pole less。 A aldehyde except can straight Connect use Make Eliminate poison、 kill bacteria、 Defense Rot Agent outer, the Lord Want use to Have machine Combined to make、 Combined to make material material、 Paint material、 oak膠、 Farm medicine Wait Row industry, its Yan Health Production Product the Lord Want Have many Gather A aldehyde、 Gather A aldehyde、 phenol aldehyde tree ester、脲 aldehyde tree ester、 ammonia base tree ester、 Wu Luo Support Production Product and many yuan alcohol class Wait。 people Make board work industry hair Da, Correct A aldehyde Of need begging the amount very Big。

 A aldehyde Check Measurement

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A aldehyde Of use way non- often wide pan-, Combined to make tree fat、 table surface live Sex Agent、 Plastic material、欧美色情骚美女 oak膠、 skin leather、 Make paper、 ran material、 system medicine、 Farm medicine、 Photo phase膠 sheet、 Fried medicine、 build build material material Take and Eliminate poison、燻 steam with Defense Rot Over Cheng in All Want use To A aldehyde, can Take Say A aldehyde yes Chemical learn work industry in Of many surface hand, I They Family in miss you Want Finish all No Have A aldehyde a few Depends yes Do not can can Of。 but Ren what east oo Of Make use All must must Have One limit the amount, Have One One Standard quasi-, One Once Make use ultra More Up Standard quasi- with limit the amount, on meeting band Come Do not Profit Of One surface。

 A aldehyde Check Measurement

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deep圳 in Big Check Measurement yes Special industry Of First three square air gas quality the amount A aldehyde Check Measurement machine Structure,CMA Capital quality recognize certificate, Check Measurement Newspaper Report With Have law law effect force, Shou Protection Ten thousand thousand Family court Health Kang謼 Suck。

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